Book for the 2016 World AeroPress Championship

The must-have coffee book of 2016 is now available for pre-order: The Annual by the World AeroPress Championship. It’s a 300+ page page retrospective of the 2016 World AeroPress Championship season, replete with every national poster and winning recipe. The book comes packed with photographs, interviews, and competition results, all of it packaged by the print material specialists at Standart, and kicking off with a saucy foreword by Sprudge co-founder Jordan Michelman.


Individual and stockist pre-orders for the book are now available. The book costs $29 USD—order by October 14th and use the code “earlybird” to save 10% on your book.

The effort is part of a delightful rebrand underway at WAC, which does away with the mock insignia of yore and instead ushers in a new, playful graphic representation of the event, with design overseen by Al Keating of Coffee Supreme. The new look for WAC is focused on pointing—how judges adjudicate a winning cup in the competition—and feels to us like it could be early ’90s Daisy Age-era hip hop album art.

The 2017 World AeroPress Championship season kicks off soon, and will culminate at the 2017 WAC global event next November in Seoul, South Korea. Sprudge is the official media partner of the World AeroPress Championship.

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