Coffee Costume Party for Halloween in Foolish Things Coffee

Being open for another year seems like a good excuse for a coffee shop to throw a party. Having that anniversary fall somewhere near the end of October is more than reason enough to make it a costume party. And that’s exactly the scene we have here at Foolish Things Coffee in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Celebrating its fourth year in existence, the multi-roaster shop decided to close a little early on October 20th to host an 80s-themed Halloween shindig, A Stranger Foolish Things party, if you will.

There was beer, candy, and a host of local businesses like Hi, Juice., Middle West Chocolate, andRetro Den vintage shop. And of course, there were costumes. Given the Stranger Things nature of the event, a few Barbs, Elevens, and perhaps the cutest Lucas ever were all in attendance. Sadly, there was no Demogorgon, which was a real missed opportunity; maybe the flea thought it was an acrobat and wasn’t able to attend because it got stuck in the Upside Down. Who knows.

As a lover of fake fruit-flavored candies, I thought it would be a good idea to make the trek up from Dallas to Tulsa to triangulate between the three goody bowls until I had gobbled up all the Starbursts, all under the guise of journalism. But it turns out a pretty rad party was happening in between those Halloween candy stations, so I snapped a few pics through which you can experience the festivities vicariously. For full enjoyment, eat a strawberry and orange Starburst simultaneously while reading. Enjoy!

girl halloween candies

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